Swetha Kannan

  • Designation: MBBS student, Gulf Medical University, Ajman,
  • Country: UAE
  • Title: ECG Findings and Clinical Presentations of Myocardial Ischemia Reported Among Patients with Cardiac Metastasis from Lung Malignancies: A Narrative Review


Swetha Kannan is a third-year medical student studying in Dubai, UAE. I have two published articles, one in the field of cardiology and the other in medical humanities. More papers are under the review process. I have presented my research in several local and international conferences. I authored a fiction book at the age of 18. I aspire to become a cardiologist one day. 


Cardiac tumors are substantially infrequent. However, metastasis to the heart from primary cancer elsewhere in the body is reported often. In addition to its poor prognosis, the diagnosis of cardiac metastasis is considered tough to establish. Primary lung cancers contribute to the maximum of cardiac metastasis cases. Owing to its predominantly clinically silent nature, myocardial metastasis isn’t usually detected until autopsy. This narrative review aims at highlighting the ECG findings that are seen among patients with myocardial metastasis resulting from lung cancer. It also analyses the clinical presentations associated with cardiac metastasis. Although ECG findings are not standard means of diagnosis, characteristic changes were reported, which might suggest further investigations for the same. The studies reported in this review were collected from databases that include PubMed, ScienceDirect, Hindawi, ResearchGate, and AHA journals in the period of 1980-2022. The keywords used for searching in the databases included ECG, cardiac metastasis, and lung cancer. Articles focusing on lung cancer specifically were included, and studies reporting findings associated with other forms of cancer were excluded. A majority of case reports were used for this review. Literature review showed that ECG findings in a patient with cardiac metastasis imitated that of myocardial infarction. This review article encourages health researchers to decipher and justify the findings reported and develop a quicker strategic outline for diagnosis. It also aims to educate healthcare professionals on the early detection of myocardial metastasis with the study of the preliminary ECG picture, thereby ensuring a better prognosis. 

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