Soroor Eslahi

  • Designation: Student in Royan institute
  • Country: Iran
  • Title: The Cytotoxic Effect of Natural Killer Cells Derived Extracellular Vesicles (NK-EVs) on Pancreatic Cancer Spheroids


Soroor eslahi is a Msc biochemistry student in Royan institute, works on NK-EV in Professor Ebrahimi’s group


Background: Being a progressive malignancy, pancreatic cancer resists traditional treatments.  Dendritic Cells, Natural Killer Cells, and T Cells can significantly enhance the efficacy of current therapeutic approaches. However, they are inhibited in cancer's microenvironment. Natural killer (NK) cell-secreted nanoparticles, also known as Extracellular Vehicles (EVs), are currently being studied for potential use in cancer therapy due to their apparent stability against the tumor microenvironment.  This study examines the cytotoxicity of NK-EV different fractions on pancreatic cancer spheroid models.

Methods: NK cells were cultured and centrifuged at 2000g (group A), 10000g (group B), and 20000g (group c). The NK-EVs were characterized using SEM and DLS techniques. Specific markers of NK-EVs were identified using Western blot. Various concentrations of NK-EVs were administered to spheroids were grown in-vitro from patient-derived pancreatic tumor tissue, and the cytotoxicity of NK-EVs was assessed using flow cytometry, MTS and LIVE/DEAD assay.

Results: DLS data showed that the size of EVs in group A, B and C were 1020 nm, 548 nm, and 352 nm. Western blot confirmed that NK-EVs expressed CD63 and TSG101. In group C, the SEM showed EV-like vesicles that were oval and approximately the same size.  These groups of EVs were treated to spheres produced, ranging from 300 nm to 450 nm. MTS results showed that group C EVs have the maximum cytotoxicity. MTS results were confirmed by flow cytometry analysis.

Conclusion: We suggest that EVs, produced by NK cells, have cytotoxic effects on pancreatic cancer cells. It has the potential as a novel anticancer agent for the treatment of human pancreatic cancer and can boost NK cell activity.

Keywords: PANC-1, Pancreatic cancer, Natural Killer Cells, Extracellular vesicles, NK-EVs, spheroids

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