Alireza Nejadmohammad Namaghi

  • Designation: Director of the Medicinal Plants Department of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center
  • Country: Iran
  • Title: A Review of Traditional Medicine for Cancer Treatment in Iran


Alireza Nejadmohammad Namaghi is working as a Director of the Medicinal Plants Department of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Research Center for 10 years. He worked as a Director of the Department of Medicinal Plants of the University of Applied Sciences for a period of 3 years. He worked as a University researcher and lecturer in the field of traditional medicine and medicinal plants (15 years) Ph.D. in Natural Resources Engineering, Agricultural Engineering, from Tehran University.


Combined Method of Cancer Treatment with Medicinal Herbs and Blood Therapy:

This research has been done with the help of the student team of the Medicinal Plants Department of Applied Scientific University. About 85 students investigated treatment methods with herbal medicines and traditional medicine in the Khorasan region (Iran) for one year.

By examining more than 100 versions of cancer treatment in traditional medicine and examining 300 cases of patients treated with medicinal plants, as well as studying clinical symptoms, the following findings were obtained:
Initial Findings:
Traditional medicine has been successful in treating cancer in some cases. The success of herbal medicines in cancer treatment depends on the physiology of the patient's body. There is no significant difference between cancer treatment methods. (The difference is caused by the physiological differences of the patients). The side effects of treatment with medicinal herbs are much less. Treatment costs with medicinal plants are much lower.​

   It is possible to create a combined method of existing treatment methods to treat cancer patients. Suggested method: using the blood of people who have successfully recovered from cancer treatment with medicinal plants for other people.

Research Methodology:
Identifying people who have overcome cancer by using medicinal plants. Applying herbal treatments on them for one day, one week, two weeks, three weeks, and one month. Using their blood to treat similar patients (in terms of cancer type and blood type).

Advantages of this treatment method:

No side effects. High success in treating the disease. Non-interference with other common methods of cancer treatment.


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