Speakers - CIRWC 2024

Rashmi Jaiswal

  • Designation: Department of Kayachikitsa. Government Ayurveda College, Nagpur.
  • Country: India


Dr. Rashmi Jaiswal was born on November 18, 1995, and is strongly associated with Ayurveda, the traditional Indian holistic medical system. She was raised in a multicultural setting and, at an early age, became quite interested in complementary medicine and natural cures.

Throughout her academic career, Dr. Jaiswal has shown a remarkable aptitude and dedication to the discipline of Ayurveda. With great enthusiasm, she studied for her Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), devoting herself to herbal medicine. Dr. Jaiswal is presently obtaining her postgraduate degree in Kayachikitsa, a specialized branch of Ayurveda focused on internal medicine.

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